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Awesome Awnings

Attractive Awnings Available from Advance Remodeling

Awning Styles | Awning Materials | Awning Framing | Awning Maintenance

Whether you live in Baltimore a new awning can add flair and protection to your home. Awnings became popular in the early 1960's keeping homes cool on hot summer days. Today, awnings can still keep your home cool, and they add an element of retro style to row homes, town homes, and single-family homes.

Advance Remodeling offers awnings in a wide variety of styles, materials, and framing choices to offer the protection and curb appeal you want and deserve.

Take a look below at just a few of the awning projects that Advance Remodeling has completed. And when you're ready, contact Advance Remodeling for your free, no obligation awning estimate.

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What is an Awning?

An awning is also known as a canopy or overhang. They are structures that protrude from a building as a roof-like cover to protect the area underneath from the elements.

Awnings are a great way to provide shade for a porch, patio or deck area as well as providing a protective barrier to rain and maintaining a stable indoor temperature. Awnings placed over windows can block the suns rays from fading a home's furniture and floors.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing an awning rather than building or restoring a roofing structure; awnings are less expensive, retractable ones give more options, they are available in a wider array of colors and styles, and they make it simple to change the look of your home.

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Awning Styles


project further from the building provide more shade and also allow for windows and doors to be opened during a rainstorm without allowing water into the home


provide a lesser amount of shade, but may be more attractive than a larger awning


provide flexibility with the changing seasons for those who don't want an awning in the same location at all times, can be safely rolled up and out of the way for storms in areas with high winds


use when all windows and doors are to be covered; less expensive than retractable awnings

Partial Shade

allow some sunlight to shine through

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Awning Materials


less expensive than heavy-duty acrylic awnings, but will not last as long as synthetic materials


the most durable material; will last many years despite rain and sunlight; resistant to rust; withstands heavy rain, wind and snow


allows sunlight to pass through, but blocks harmful UV rays


generally made from acrylic, polyester, vinyl or any combination of these materials; more durable than natural materials


Awning Framing

Awning frames are both functional and stylish. The right frame for your home must be strong enough to withstand the elements and also able to provide the style you seek.

Steel Pipe

thick, round section of strong steel; heavy and functional

Steel Tubing

available in a range of thicknesses and shapes

Aluminum Pipe

same dimension as steel pipe but weighs 1/3 less than steel pipe; weaker than steel pipe

Aluminum Tubing

available in a range of thicknesses and shapes

Staple-on Extrusions

aluminum tubing; connections made by stapling fabric panel to tubing groove

Available styles range from varying dome shapes to convex, concave, and gable shapes. In addition to awning framing, consider a valance to add more personal style.

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How to Care for Your Awning

General Awning Care and Maintenance

Most importantly in caring for your awning, do not allow dirt to build up on the surface. Regularly sweep the awning with a broom to remove debris and then rinse all surfaces with water.

Use a mild soap, not a harsh detergent, to wash removable fabric awnings. Be sure to rinse all soap from the awning and do not let any soap dry on the awning as this can cause the material to crack.

Do not clean awnings in temperatures above 100 degrees because doing so can cause it to crack. To prolong the life of a fabric awning, keep it in top shape with regular cleaning and annual water repellant treatments.

Special Care for Retractable Awnings

Wait until retractable awnings dry completely to close them. An awning that is closed or retracted when still wet is susceptible to mold and mildew. Also retracting an awning when wet can cause dyes to bleed and run together.

When storing a retractable awning for the cold weather, make sure it is completely dry first. Always clean the awning properly before reinstalling it in the spring.

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If you have awnings that are worn, weather damaged, or just need a stylish update, Advance Remodeling can help. Advance Remodeling can make your awning project possible with financing, too. You can apply for financing regardless of your credit history, and finally have that awning you've been wanting!

Contact Advance Remodeling today for your free awning installation estimate at 410-532-5400, or click here to send us an e-mail request.


Awnings Baltimore - Advance Remodeling Baltimore Maryland

Awnings Baltimore - Advance Remodeling Baltimore Maryland


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