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Concrete Contractors in Maryland

We have you covered for all residential concrete projects from traditional projects to finishing work, underpinning, and waterproofing. If you're looking for a concrete company, look no further!

Traditional Projects

Our team expertly installs driveways, parking pads, patios, porches, walkways, steps and more. Whether you live in a flat or hilly area, we’ll ensure that your project is installed to withstand the high temperatures of the summer and the freezing temperatures of the winter for many years to come.

Finishing Work

We specialize in finishing work such as stamping, staining, polishing, parging, stucco and other finishes. Finishes provide a nice alternative to wood and tiles and make concrete projects more attractive, thereby enhancing your home and increasing its value.


If you want to add square footage to your home, but don’t have space to build out, we are underpinning experts that can lower your foundation depth. Underpinning allows you to increase the size of your home without increasing its footprint.  It is ideal for homeowners in townhomes, row houses or who want to retain space around their homes for landscaping and other purposes.


Water leaks in your basement can cause structural damage, and create unhealthy mold and mildew. Due to their age, many Baltimore area homes are susceptible to water leaks and damage because they lack waterproofing. We are experienced in waterproofing to help stop the leaks, and make your basement a comfortable, usable space.

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Advance Remodeling can provide financing for your concrete installation regardless of your credit history. Please call us today for a complimentary estimate on your next concrete project!