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Patios – Advance Remodeling
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Contractors License MHIC #13337

Patio Builders in Maryland

Bring the Outside in with our Patio Enclosures

Many homes in Baltimore city and the suburbs have porches, patios or decks that are easily converted into patio enclosures. Other homes are most often patio or deck-ready. Either way, Advance Remodeling can add a patio enclosure to expand your space, and bring some of the outside in.

Patio use is not limited to good weather! We do 2-3 season screen patio enclosures, and 3-4 season glass patio enclosures. We can even install carpet, electricity, ceiling fans and even heat to make your patio enclosure useable all year long. Contact us for your free, no obligation patio estimate.

We Excel in Installing…

Patio Enclosures

One of the most popular and well-used additions to a home can be a patio enclosure. Weather and climate often prohibit us from spending time on our patios or decks, but with a patio enclosure, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors with all the comforts of being indoors.

Patio enclosures can provide a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the outdoors with the added comfort and protection of being indoors. Besides creating an enjoyable entertainment area, patio enclosures also provide valuable living space to your home, often at a fraction of the cost of a home addition.

Using the existing patio, an enclosure can be installed using glass, screens or framing it in like the rest of the home. These structures can be elaborated with heating and air-conditioning vents connected to the central unit or simply screened in with an awning in place of a roof.


Sunrooms are a wise investment. They may even become the most used room in the home. They can be a place to read the morning paper, a home office, or turned into a spa and exercise room. The possibilities are endless, so make the decision that works for you.

There are four common styles of sunrooms; straight, cathedral, curved and conservatory.

  • Straight style sunrooms work well adding to an existing patio. By adding glass panes and siding to your existing patio, a beautiful sunroom can be created that will extend the length of use for your space.
  • Cathedral style sunrooms have an elegant, high center beam. A sloped roof and vaulted ceilings are a great architectural accent to any home. Insulated roofing helps prevent heat loss through the high ceiling.
  • Curved style sunrooms allow in the most light. The glass pane walls curve overhead to form the roofing structure.
  • Conservatory style sunrooms are like the curved style in that they allow a greater amount of light than straight or cathedral style sunrooms, but are unique because their roof is made up of numerous panes of glass joined together at a central beam.


Additions are a structure added to an existing home. They can be built up, down or out. Keep in mind the amount of land there is to build on and how the addition will change the look and layout of the home and yard.

A good choice is to build the addition on the ground level. Building on this level makes sense if you plan to live in the home for a long time due to the difficulty of climbing stairs with age.

If the addition is meant to add extra space to the master bedroom or to add another room entirely, a second-floor addition is a good idea. Also, since building up doesn’t require foundation work, a second-floor addition can be a less expensive option.

Screened Porches

Screened porches offer all the benefits of a beautiful porch, while also providing protection against annoying insects. When you want to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle that comes with it, a screened-in-porch is the perfect solution.

Screening in an existing porch is less costly than building an addition or a sunroom, so if you want a retreat during nice weather, consider a screened-in-porch.

Deck Enclosures

Decks are a great way to enjoy warm summer days, but when the weather stops being so nice you don’t have to ignore your investment. Consider a deck enclosure that will allow you to enjoy your deck even in the coldest months.

Consider a simple screen enclosure around a pool deck that can keep annoying insects from ruining a good time.

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