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Sunroom Contractors

Remodeling Sunrooms

Many homes in Baltimore City and the suburbs have porches, patios or decks that are easily converted into sunrooms. Other homes are most often sunroom-ready. Either way, Advance Remodeling can add a sunroom to expand your space, and bring some of the outside in.

We do 2-3 season screen sunrooms, and 3-4 season glass sunrooms in Baltimore. We can even install carpet, electricity, ceiling fans and even heat to make your sunroom useable all year long.

Why Add a Sunroom?

Adding a sunroom will increase the value and square-footage of your home. Additional space is highly desirable to potential buyers if and when you decide to put your home on the market. Meanwhile, the sunroom will become the most used room in your home.

Providing both a great view of the outdoors and a place to relax, sunrooms are a great investment for any family. They can be added to your home altogether or by converting an existing porch or patio.

There are a variety of sunroom styles, materials and options to choose from, so let’s get started!

Sunroom Styles

Straight style works well as an addition to an existing patio. By adding glass panes and siding to your existing patio, a beautiful sunroom can be created that will extend the length of use for your space. Cathedral has an elegant, high center beam and a sloped roof. Vaulted ceilings are a great architectural accent to any home. Insulated roofing helps prevent heat loss through the high ceiling. Curved allows in the most light. Glass pane walls curve overhead to form the roofing structure Conservatory or Solarium style and allow a greater amount of light than straight or cathedral style sunrooms. These are unique because their roof is made up of numerous panes of glass joined together at a central beam.

Sunroom Framing

Wood - a beautiful and natural choice is available in many varieties. Wood is also an excellent insulator and can be treated to withstand the elements Aluminum. This great conductor of heat is durable and resistant to deterioration apart from being available in a variety of colors. Vinyl – the most energy-efficient material is durable and relatively maintenance free. This is also available in a variety of colors.

Sunroom Roofing

A sunroom should be viewed as an extension of the home, therefore the roofing material, whether shingles, shakes, or tiles, should match the rest of the home. The shape of the roof should match the home’s roof or choose a slightly different structure that will provide an architectural accent and create interest. Another roofing option available for sunrooms is solarium-style, in which the roof is simply an extension of the glass panes.

Sunroom Flooring

Because a sunroom should be an extension of the home, flooring options include everything from concrete to carpet. Choose flooring based on the look you want to create, what the room will be used for, and the amount of traffic the room will receive. The comfortable climate created in a sunroom will keep tile, concrete and wood floors relatively warm on your feet. If you choose hardwood floors, be sure to purchase glass panes with coatings to block harmful UV rays that can fade your floors and furniture.

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